Lodge Cuisine


At South Holston River Lodge we take our food just as seriously as we take our fishing.

We may not always have control over the weather conditions and fishing, but your meals

and accommodations we do our best to make it perfect every time. We have a full time executive

chef on staff 8 months a year, March- October, along with a breakfast cook, and two

servers to take care of you during meals.

Meals are included in our all-inclusive packages and can also be added to a cabin rental

if there are meals being served at that time. If you are interested you may ask a manager

at the time of booking if meals are an option. Our menu changes with the season giving

you something a little different each time you dine with us. You have a choice between two

entrees for dinner each evening along with a choice of a sandwich or wrap in your lunch

on the river. In the mornings we have a large buffet ready along with daily specials.



Our evenings start at 6pm with hors d'oeuvres and cocktail hour. Hors d'Oeuvres hour consists of two hot appetizers and two cold appetizers and arrange from crab stuffed mushrooms to homemade smoked salmon spread.



We sit down for dinner at 7pm with soup or salad followed by your entree choice which typically consists of a protein prepared to your liking and two complimentary sides. We finish it off with a beautiful and delicious homemade dessert.


The buffet style breakfast starts at 7am and stays hot until you are ready to depart for your day of fishing. Be prepared for a wide variety of breakfast items and eggs to order!



During your pre-check in phone call that all of our guests receive before there arrival to the lodge we will make sure there are no dietary restrictions or food allergies that we need to be aware of. Please let us know if there is something you do not particularly enjoy or if you would like to hear the menu before your arrival and we will accommodate you.

We know what it takes to make a meal special and unforgettable for every guest.
Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions concerning lodge cuisine.

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